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Wholesalehigh-gradepruning shears

As one of the leading garden pruning shears manufacturers in China. We guarantee consistent quality with fast delivery. Inquire and get your quotes within 12 hours!

Best selling pruning shear products

Looking for the perfect pruning shears?

Buy wholesale pruning shears in bulk, cheap and affordable pruning shears. If you are looking for a reliable and affordable garden tool supplier, Greeny Gardening is a perfect choice.

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Garden pruning shears

High-quality, comfortable garden scissors for easy flower and plant trimming. Provides clean cuts on stems and small branches up to 0.98 inch thick. Branch clippers & rose pruning shears.

Steel blade teflon coated

Telescopic tension spring

Non-slip ergonomically handles

Garden Pruning Scissors

High-quality sharp blade made of high carbon alloy steel with anti-rust treatment. The comfortable, lightweight aluminum alloy handles are sturdy and have a non-slip coating.

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SK5 High-carbon steel

Ratchet action for multi-tasking

Soft and cushioned grip

Most popular garden scissors products

Looking for more popular garden scissors?

If you love gardening, you want the best tools. At Greeny Gardening, we provide these. Our tools make weeding, hoeing, sweeping, or pruning easier and more efficient all year round.

Pruning shears tools

SKU: ST010113

Good pruning shears

SKU: ST010107

Hand pruning shears

SKU: ST010127

Bypass pruning shears

SKU: ST010104

Branches scissors

SKU: ST010145

Garden pruning scissors

SKU: ST010128

Garden pruning shears

SKU: ST010119

Garden shears

SKU: ST010108

Tree pruning shears

SKU: ST010118

Stainless steel pruning shears

SKU: ST010110

Floral scissors

SKU: ST010102

Pruning shears small

SKU: ST010139

Best pruning shears

SKU: ST010158

Heavy duty pruning shears

SKU: ST010155B

Pruning shears for flowers

SKU: ST010154B

Rose pruning shears

SKU: ST010183

Why choose Greeny Gardening products?

Responsible quality and design

At Greeny Gardening, we believe that by fabricating robust, inspiringly designed and environmentally friendly garden tools, we can spark happiness and enhance overall wellness.

Professional Team

Our professional team leverages their knowledge of gardening tools to efficiently meet your needs and provide the best solution to you.

ISO9001 Certified

As an ISO9001 certified manufacturer, we demonstrate a robust commitment to consistent product quality and your satisfaction.

Environmentally Friendly

We protect the environment by using eco-friendly production and carefully chosen raw materials to minimize natural resource use.

More cost effective

We add value for you through cost efficiency, achieved by negotiating raw material costs without impacting quality, and saving on transportation.

Save Time and Money

As we offer well-designed, durable and efficient gardening tools, help you improve your brand's rating and reduce after-sales.

24/7 Premium Support

Our customer support team is accessible round the clock, ensuring your inquiries, issues, or downtime is hastily addressed.

International Standard Certification

Quality certification

Our company fulfills the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015. ISO9001 is by far the most mature quality framework in the world, being used by more than 750,000 organizations in 161 countries.

ISO 9001

BSCI Certificate

SGS Certificate

ROHS Certificate

Teamwork makes the dream work

We are proud to be the leading garden tools supplier for over 10 years

Smile Wei


Tina Wong

Let’s make the garden a better place

Our range of high-quality garden tools is designed to make your gardening experience more efficient and enjoyable.

About our company

SmileTools - Greeny Gardening is your go-to manufacturer for superior manual outdoor gardening tools in China. We provide you with a one-stop solution for all your garden tool needs.
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Most popular gardening collections

We are proud to be the leading garden tools supplier for over 10 years

At Greeny Gardening we always strive to offer our customers better value by combining the best gardening tool sets, and making them available at reasonable prices.

Greeny Gardening pruning tools are made with premium, heavy-duty materials. Super-sharp, zinc coated blades and an ergonomic grip ensure the best cutting.

Greeny Gardening professional arborist hand saw is an altogether different beast than your typical tool. Our wide selection of saws provides the right blade for fine pruning.


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