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Garden Hand Fork ST020101-2

Garden Hand Fork ST020101-2

Are you looking for a handy garden fork with extra sharp teeth for perfect root protection during planting? Then the copper garden fork from GreenyGardening is exactly what you are looking for! The garden fork is made of stainless steel finished with copper plate and is therefore extremely strong and durable in use. In addition, the wooden handle has an ergonomic design, which makes it comfortable to hold and you will not experience any pain.

  • Item No#: ST020101-2
  • Dimensions: L 28.5 x W 8 x H 4 cm
  • Number of Teeth: 3
  • Material Blade: Stainless steel
  • Material Handle: Wood handle
  • Package: 10pcs/Inner box, 60pcs/carton
  • Customized logo and color can be acceptable


The three sharp metal teeth provide extra stability during planting and the finished handle provides the ideal stabbing force. The garden fork has a length of 28.5 centimeters, a working width of 8 centimeters and the handle has a thickness of 4 centimeters. This gives it a compact design and is very lightweight, making it easy and quick to store or take with you.

Why choose the GreenyGardening garden fork:
✓ Ergonomic design and fits comfortably in the hand
✓ Made of high quality steel and is very durable in use
✓ Features 3 sharp metal teeth for extra stability
✓ Has dimensions of L 28.5 x W 8 x H 4 centimeters
✓ Provides perfect root protection during planting
✓ A compact design and very light in weight
✓ Simple and quick to use and easy to clean
✓ A working width of 8 centimeters for optimal use
✓ Is equipped with a hanging system

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