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Garden Dibber ST020101-7

Garden Dibber ST020101-7

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Depth-stamp hand dibber, bulb planter, hole digger tool, gardening tool stainless steel with polished wood handle for planting seeds for flowers vegetables and plants.

Featuring a beautiful wooden T-Shape handle, it is strong enough to dig through the toughest of soils, and the stainless steel dibber is designed to go the distance.

  • Item No#: ST020101-7
  • Dimensions: L 28 x W 11.5 x H 3 cm
  • Material Blade: Stainless steel
  • Material Handle: Wood handle
  • Package: 10pcs/Inner box, 60pcs/carton
  • Customized logo and color can be acceptable


Welcome to our product page! We present to you a high-quality seed planter tool that aims to provide you with the best planting experience. Our dibber features a premium wooden handle and a durable stainless-steel head with clear depth markings to help you effortlessly and accurately plant seeds & bulb. Whether you are planting flowers or vegetables, this gardening tool is your reliable companion throughout the planting process.

It easily penetrates the soil and allows you to control the depth of your seeds as needed. Additionally, it is perfect for floral arrangements and various gardening tasks. We prioritize product quality and durability to ensure the best experience during use. The lightweight and portable design of the seed plug tool allows for convenient carry and use, whether in your garden or during outdoor activities.

Experience our Premium Wooden Handle Stamped Steel Seed Plug today and simplify your planting process with efficiency! Purchase now and enjoy a delightful planting experience!

  • High-quality stainless-steel head: We have carefully designed a stainless-steel head to ensure long-lasting use and excellent corrosion resistance. Compared to traditional seed planters, the stainless-steel head effortlessly penetrates various types of soil, providing the optimal growth environment for your seeds.
  • Depth-stamping functionality:This gardening tool have enhanced the functionality of the seed plug planter by incorporating clear depth markings on the stainless-steel head. This allows you to accurately control the planting depth of your seeds, aiding in better growth and development of your plants.
  • Exquisite polished wood handle: To make your planting process more comfortable and convenient, our dibber have selected high-quality wood to craft the handle. The polished and coated wood handle guarantees a comfortable grip and ensures it won’t decay or deform even after extended use.
  • Multi-purpose design: This hole digger tool is not only suitable for planting flowers and vegetables but also makes seeding or planting shrubs in your lawn a breeze. It is your ideal all-around planting companion, performing exceptionally well in home gardens, farms, or planting projects.
  • Ergonomic Wooden Handle: Designed with a sleek, polished wooden handle, this hand dibber provides a comfortable and secure grip, reducing hand fatigue during repetitive use, and adding a touch of natural beauty to your gardening toolkit.

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